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Solar Ejecta13 viewsI was imaging a filaprom and it detached as I was imaging. Here you can see the plasma being ejected into space.55555
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Comet Hale Bopp36 views55555
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Comet Holmes, November 18th, 200721 viewsComet Holmes was going to transit, Mirfak, in the mellott 20 region of Perseus and I really wanted a picture. the entire state of Ohio was in the throes of a winter storm, so I drove 8 hours to Illinois and the Louisville Astronomy Club's Curby Observatory to obtain this once in a lifetime image.55555
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Comet C/2012 R1 Lovejoy12 viewsMike Harkey and I shot this from Spitzer Marina55555
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Untitled12 viewsA mixture of engraving (base material is copper), paint, and drawing that hearkens back to my experiences watching sunrise from Lake Michigan's western shore. You can read more about it at my blog:
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Lagoon (M8) and Trifid (M20) Nebulas23 views55555
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Bowl of Ursa Major32 viewsDSLR wide field of section of Ursa Major. First try at digital astrophotography with new camera.55555
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Varieties of Light27 viewsAn illustration of a few different kinds of light you might experience at a star party: starlight, reflected sunlight (shown in the crescent moon & earthshine, Venus, Jupiter & moons), green laser light, red light, and the light of discovery in a new observer's eyes. Done in Sharpie, Bic pen, and colored pencil, on white paper.55555
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39 views55555
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