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Blood moon Moonrise0 viewsMay15,2022May 16, 2022
Eclipse 11 viewsLunar Eclipse May 15 2022May 16, 2022
Eclipse1 viewsLunar Eclipse May 15 2022May 16, 2022
Eclipse 21 viewsLunar Eclipse May 15 2022May 16, 2022
Venus and the Pleiades 4 viewsVenus and the Pleiades over Lake ErieMay 17, 2020
3 viewsVenus taken on May 16th at 9:26 PM Camera Nikon P1000 ISO 100 f8 .8 secMay 17, 2020
ISS Pass June 3, 2019 20:40 to 20:443 viewsA composite of 12 twenty second exposures with a GoPro 4 Silver in night lapse mode. Edited to fill in small gaps between exposures.Jun 04, 2019
Andromeda galaxy18 viewsSony alpha 7, Leica 135mm f:2.8, 1600 ISO, 30 second exposures, 32 image median stackNov 05, 2016
Southern Milky Way from The Nielsen Observatory19 viewsThis is a single image composed of the median value for each pixel taken from 22 images exposed at 2 minutes each. ISO 1600 and a 40mm f:2 lens stopped down to f:2.8 to decrease coma. Software used was Rawtherapee for applying flats, Hugin for aligning images, Imagemagick for median pixels to a single image, and darktable for adjusting color, contrast, etc.
Sagittarius in the lower left, Saturn just over halfway across the frame near the top, Antares just below and to the right of Saturn.
Jul 02, 2016
Mercury Transit May 201612 viewsMercury transitMay 25, 2016
Jupiter w/ red spot18 viewsCanon T3i ISO 1600 1/100s. ENH: Contrast, Saturation, NoiseMay 25, 2016
7 viewsMay 10, 2016
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