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2011_l4 2012 abstract andomeda galaxy m31 andromeda andromeda galaxy annular arc art beehive cluster big dipper bowl c8 calcium h, quark clouds cluster comet constellation crater craters dark sky daytime detail drawing dumbbell dumbbell nebula earthshine eclipse eskimo first quarter moon flare full moon galaxy globular globular cluster green laser h-alpha halo hawaii holmes iridium john o&#039 jupiter kohamher1 kohamher1, moon, kohamher1: eclipse lagoon laser late twilight light lulin lunar m13 m17 m20 m22 m27 m31 m42 m44 m45 m51 m57 m8 mare maria mercury messier 13 messier 17 messier 22 messier 27 messier 31 messier 42 messier 51 messier 57 meteor shower milky way moon moondog moonlight moons neal&#039 nebula nielsen observatory observing orion orion nebula panstarrs parry perseids planet planet formation planetary system pleiades polaris pollution public ring ring nebula s flights of fancy solar solar system star star cluster star party stars sun sun spot sunrise swan swan nebula telescope the sun, the moon and the lighthouse transit trifid ursa major ursa major, big dipper, constellation venus venus transit whirlpool whirlpool galaxy wide
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