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Comet C/2011 L4 Panstarrs and M31, The Great Andromeda Galaxy62 views30x30 second exposures at 1600 ISO
Stellar Nursery402 viewsAn imagined abstract portrait depicting the emergence of a young star from its natal dust cloud. Sharpie, pen, and colored pencil on white paper.
Beehive Cluster214 viewsAn abstract rendering of M44. Sharpie and colored pencil on white paper.
Accretion: detail35 viewsClose up of Accretion's central star.
Pleiades47 viewsAn elaboration on M45. Sharpie, Bic pen, and colored pencil on white paper.
Varieties of Light27 viewsAn illustration of a few different kinds of light you might experience at a star party: starlight, reflected sunlight (shown in the crescent moon & earthshine, Venus, Jupiter & moons), green laser light, red light, and the light of discovery in a new observer's eyes. Done in Sharpie, Bic pen, and colored pencil, on white paper.
Detail from drawing "Varieties of Light"16 viewsZoom in on a green laser pointer at a star party.
Milky Way above the Southern Horizon21 viewsA collage using black construction paper: folded, torn, and flicked with varying levels of white paint. In the final stages I tried to add an accurate depiction of the brightest stars (you might recognize Sagittarius and Aquila), but messed up enough on Scorpius to just fill in the remainder at random. I think I'll plan that aspect out a little better in the future!
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