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Stellar Nursery402 viewsAn imagined abstract portrait depicting the emergence of a young star from its natal dust cloud. Sharpie, pen, and colored pencil on white paper.
Beehive Cluster214 viewsAn abstract rendering of M44. Sharpie and colored pencil on white paper.
Accretion48 viewsA young planetary system forming from dust rings that surround a central star. A three paneled drawing done in Bic pen, Sharpie, and colored pencil on white paper.
Varieties of Light27 viewsAn illustration of a few different kinds of light you might experience at a star party: starlight, reflected sunlight (shown in the crescent moon & earthshine, Venus, Jupiter & moons), green laser light, red light, and the light of discovery in a new observer's eyes. Done in Sharpie, Bic pen, and colored pencil, on white paper.
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