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Comet Holmes, November 18th, 200721 viewsComet Holmes was going to transit, Mirfak, in the mellott 20 region of Perseus and I really wanted a picture. the entire state of Ohio was in the throes of a winter storm, so I drove 8 hours to Illinois and the Louisville Astronomy Club's Curby Observatory to obtain this once in a lifetime image.05/07/13 pm31 13:06Kelly Ricks: Wow! Now that's dedication.
39 views04/22/13 pm30 16:43kohamher1: Thank you, Kelly, i added the flares to this image...
27 views04/20/13 am30 08:43Kelly Ricks: Beautiful moon photos John! I love the new moon......
39 views04/20/13 am30 08:40Kelly Ricks: I love this shot--very artistic approach with the ...
Comet C/2011 L4 Panstarrs and M31, The Great Andromeda Galaxy62 views30x30 second exposures at 1600 ISO 04/15/13 pm30 18:42lee: Very nice John. Welcome to the gallery.
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