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Bowl of Ursa Major32 viewsDSLR wide field of section of Ursa Major. First try at digital astrophotography with new camera.
Ursa Major stacked and despeckled in GIMP46 viewsSame as the other U Major image, but a stack of 5 images aligned with Hugin on the linux command line and stacked, then despeckled to remove vignetting
Southern Milky Way from The Nielsen Observatory17 viewsThis is a single image composed of the median value for each pixel taken from 22 images exposed at 2 minutes each. ISO 1600 and a 40mm f:2 lens stopped down to f:2.8 to decrease coma. Software used was Rawtherapee for applying flats, Hugin for aligning images, Imagemagick for median pixels to a single image, and darktable for adjusting color, contrast, etc.
Sagittarius in the lower left, Saturn just over halfway across the frame near the top, Antares just below and to the right of Saturn.
Andromeda galaxy18 viewsSony alpha 7, Leica 135mm f:2.8, 1600 ISO, 30 second exposures, 32 image median stack
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