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Stellar Nursery402 viewsAn imagined abstract portrait depicting the emergence of a young star from its natal dust cloud. Sharpie, pen, and colored pencil on white paper.
Beehive Cluster214 viewsAn abstract rendering of M44. Sharpie and colored pencil on white paper.
Accretion48 viewsA young planetary system forming from dust rings that surround a central star. A three paneled drawing done in Bic pen, Sharpie, and colored pencil on white paper.
Accretion: detail35 viewsClose up of Accretion's central star.
Pleiades47 viewsAn elaboration on M45. Sharpie, Bic pen, and colored pencil on white paper.
Varieties of Light27 viewsAn illustration of a few different kinds of light you might experience at a star party: starlight, reflected sunlight (shown in the crescent moon & earthshine, Venus, Jupiter & moons), green laser light, red light, and the light of discovery in a new observer's eyes. Done in Sharpie, Bic pen, and colored pencil, on white paper.
Detail from drawing "Varieties of Light"16 viewsClose up of Jupiter used in "Varieties of Light"
Detail from drawing "Varieties of Light"16 viewsZoom in on a green laser pointer at a star party.
Milky Way above the Southern Horizon21 viewsA collage using black construction paper: folded, torn, and flicked with varying levels of white paint. In the final stages I tried to add an accurate depiction of the brightest stars (you might recognize Sagittarius and Aquila), but messed up enough on Scorpius to just fill in the remainder at random. I think I'll plan that aspect out a little better in the future!
Full Moon11 viewsA collage of torn and paint-spattered black construction paper depicting the full moon. You can read further comments about it on my blog here:
First Quarter Moon10 viewsIn this drawing, I've interpreted real lunar features with a bit of artistic license. The Sea of Rains is the central focus. Framing some prominent craters, this ancient volcanic plain is edged from south to north by the Appenine and Caucasus mountains, and capped by the "Alpine Valley." The northern Sea of Cold bleeds around the crater Aristotle and into the lakes of Death and Dreams, finally bringing the eye to rest on a Sea of Serenity. It is easy to get carried away with such poetic names!
Untitled12 viewsA mixture of engraving (base material is copper), paint, and drawing that hearkens back to my experiences watching sunrise from Lake Michigan's western shore. You can read more about it at my blog:
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